A More Accessible & Accountable Council for All

Until we make a genuine effort to engage residents, we will always have segments of our community that feel neglected. It’s time to stop talking and start taking action. Our community should feel that engagement with Town Board is accessible and easy. Five hour board meetings and a convoluted town website with disjointed notices are not the way to achieve this.

A New Perspective

It's important that the town board represent the entire community.  As I was deciding to run, one thing that struck me was that none of my friends knew anyone on the Town Board.  We need a fresh and younger perspective on the board.  I am a political outsider and my only goal is to do what is right for our town.  

Breaking up the Voting Block

I have reviewed the voting patterns from the last 100 board meetings and was shocked that I could not find a single instance where either of my two opponents, Barry Reiter and Barbara DiGiacinto, have voted against Michael Schiliro. Voting in a pact will lead to poor outcomes for our community. This situation prevents open and honest board discussions that can help our town move forward. We deserve better than ‘Rubber Stamp’ representatives.

Focusing on Environment

We cannot let the town stockpile massive amounts of highway debris and millings in environmentally sensitive areas.  And we cannot allow water wells to be drilled under the Summit Club golf course that would feed the Windmill and Coman Hill water supplies.  These are fundamentally bad risk/rewards and we should not even contemplate them.

A Sense of Urgency

After the approval of a pre-fabricated bathroom for the IBM fields four years ago, the project has yet to begin. I will speed up this current sluggish timeline for projects such as these. The board has a responsibility to create a sense of urgency and push relentlessly to get things done for the benefit of our residents.

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