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Improving Parks and Recreation

Anyone that has visited other towns can see how poor our playground and field facilities are in comparison. We need to address this issue in the short-term through better maintenance. In the long-term we should explore an artificial turf field and adding drainage.  We should not have to drive to nearby towns to find acceptable playgrounds and playing fields.

Streamlining Permitting for Residents

Many of our neighbors have been victims of an overbearing building inspector, even with the most minor home projects. It should not take a year to get a permit to install a necessary generator, particularly when the town has granted large scale development projects with such ease.  The residents are our town's customers and they should be treated as such.

More Frequent Recycling & Garbage Collection

Every comparable neighboring town has more frequent garbage/recycling pickup than North Castle.  Other comparable towns either have twice a week garbage pickup or once per week recycling (for all types).  Given what we pay in taxes, we should expect more.  North Castle should not be 'worst in class' in quality of life.  I will push for more frequent pickup.

More Thoughtful Development

Town Board is approving more than 240 new apartment and condo units in North Castle all being built within just a few short years and all with tax incentives.  Developments like the Mariani rental apartments somehow received board approval in spite of significant resident opposition.  We need to manage the timing of development to prevent negative impacts to housing prices.  And the developments we approve need to pay full, fee-simple tax, our budget requires it.

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